About the Blog and Me

The blog is a place where I make it appear as though the excessive time and money I spend consuming stories in various media is me being productive.

A NOTE: I'm currently editing some older posts to create some semblance of a consistent format. A recently edited post may have been written when I was still an undergrad. Have mercy.

It's a collection of my thoughts, prejudices, likes, dislikes and an astounding example of how petty and childish I can be if I think for a second I've spent money on something I didn't enjoy every minute of.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive which would be strange if you were expecting a varied sample of objective reviews. If you expected that, it's you that is strange. I spend money on these things, if I dislike them it is personal. The blog is so full of nice because I review things I've bought.

So if you think we might have similar tastes it might be a good place to check back now and then. If you like being annoyed by somebody you disagree with completely, by all means come back too :) I just get a thrill out of seeing my stat-counter numbers go up. I care not about your motivations.

Please do not read my blog if you're offended by format changes, bad language or people enjoying life.

I am a recent post-graduate graduate with a vocabulary fetish and the strange compulsion to buy books set in Victorian England when it annoys me no end that EVERYTHING EVER WRITTEN is set there. I also have the proclivity to exaggerate. Learn to love it.

My name is Mell but I am not a Sir or a suffixWorth of any description. That's my Sunday name as bestowed upon me by my friend Frank, I believe.

I like fruit, the ocean, winter and my stompy boots.